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Technology and Gaming


AmoGaming Corporation

AmoGaming corporation has the copyrighted games such as scratchcard, bingo games, and other numbers-game lottery services.  AmoGaming has applied for accreditation of such games with the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO). 



IF Software Designers Inc.

IF Software Designers, Inc. is a Philippine company that is in the business of designing systems for the Gaming and Entertainment Sector.  The company controls more than fifty (50) Games and Systems.  IFSD helps casinos save money and release new content onto existing machines.  Casinos currently spend $15,000+ to change out their machines each time they want a new game.  IFSD can cut that price to $5,000 and offer multiple game options on one machine using our cloud content platform.  IFSD helps Casinos by providing a complete suite of products and services to get their games to the casino floor including patent processing, game development, math modeling, regulatory approval, and game placement. Our team includes professionals who are experienced in game design, game mathematics, software development, hardware development, intellectual property, and casino sales.

IFSD is unique in the industry in that it provides casinos with both game content and a hardware platform.  IFSD provides hardware solutions to casinos that allow casinos to economically convert casino’s existing gaming machines to a manufacturer-agnostic platform.  We provide tremendous value to casinos because they can convert their existing machines for one-third the cost of buying new machines, and can add or change games with ease.


Global Artificial Intelligence Masters, Inc.

GAIM is a designer and developer of World Lottery Association (WLA)-Security Control Standard (SCS) – controlled Scratch Card.

GAIM is also the designer and developer of the Mega Block-out Game.

Watch out for these exciting new games!

Lottery and Gaming

AscendPh has global alliances on lottery and gaming.  It has distribution rights and services for various lotteries and games. 







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