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McMatthiseCapital invests into US firm - Magen Dei Investments & Holdings LLC

DELAWARE, September 2020, McMatthiseCapital is investing into an investment and holdings company named Magen Dei Investments & Holdings LLC.  This investment and holdings company is the vehicle for various Asset Management Companies that are being established to take on Non-Performing Assets (NPAs) and Non-Performing Loans (NPLs) globally. 

In preparation to the rehabilitation of financial markets, banks and non-banks will need the mechanism in order to take-out NPL / NPA in their portfolio in order for liquidity to improve.  In some jurisdiction, incentives on capital gains taxes, withholding taxes, and documentary stamp taxes are being provided in order to allow NPLs and NPAs to be transferred to Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) companies.  These assets become part of a pool of assets that can then be sold globally by way of unit trusts or unit shares. 

Magen Dei Investments & Holdings LLC is poised to support these Asset Management Companies through funds from the United States. 



McMatthiseCapital invests into McMatthise Energy Development Corporation

MANILA, May 2018, McMatthiseCapital is investing into McMatthise Energy Development Corporation for the development of Renewable Energy Projects in the Philippines.  Renewable Energy includes Solar Power, Wind Power, Hydroelectric Power, Biomass, and Geothermal Energy.

Natural gas and coal remain the predominant indigenous fossil fuel resources in the Philippines.  Proven gas reserves are 98.54 billion cubic meters and economically recoverable coal is estimated at 316 million tons. Proven oil reserves are around 100 million barrels. The resource potential of hydropower is estimated at 13,097 megawatts (MW). Wind energy potential is estimated at 76,600 MW with wind power densities ranging between 300 watts per square meter (W/m2) and 1,250 W/m2 based on 2014 National Renewable Energy Laboratory geographic information system data. Estimates for potential solar capacity are also promising with the country enjoying average global horizontal irradiance levels of 5.1 kilowatt-hours/m2/day. Biomass resources from agricultural residues are likewise available for industrial and household use.

Total primary energy supply (TPES) stood at 52.15 million tons of oil equivalent (Mtoe) in 2015 according to the International Energy Agency. The primary energy mix is dominated by fossil fuels (61.0% in 2015), with oil accounting for 32.2%, coal for 23.1%, and natural gas for 5.7%. However, renewable energy accounts for a meaningful share of TPES (36.5% in 2015), owing to a long-standing use of geothermal and hydro resources for electricity generation and the use of biomass by the industrial and residential sector.



McMatthise designs Projects for NHMFC

MANILA, May 2017, McMatthise is working with the National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation for the issuance of the 1st ever Sukuk (Islamic Bond) Float in the Philippines.  This Project calls for the development of Housing infrastructure for the Muslim Families.

There are two (2) sites being considered for the development of the Muslim Housing.  The first is in Fairview-Sauyo and the second is in Antipolo City.  The Fairview-Sauyo Project can house more than 500 families while the Antipolo Project can house more than 2,000 Muslim Families.

Sukuk commonly refers to the Islamic equivalent of bonds. However, as opposed to conventional bonds, which merely confer ownership of a debt, Sukuk grants the investor a share of an asset, along with the commensurate cash flows and risk. As such, Sukuk securities adhere to Islamic laws sometimes referred to as Shari’ah principles, which prohibit the charging or payment of interest.

The emergence of Sukuk has been one of the most significant developments in Islamic capital markets in recent years. Put simply, Sukuk instruments act as a bridge. They link their issuers, primarily sovereigns and corporations in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, with a wide pool of investors, many of whom are seeking to diversify their holdings beyond traditional asset classes. In this way, funds raised through Sukuk can be allocated in an efficient and transparent way to infrastructure initiatives and other deserving projects in the 56 member countries of IDB, as well as communities in over 100 non-member countries.

Both domestic and foreign investors buy Sukuk having various structures approved by Shari’ah boards of Islamic scholars.

Sukuk issuance has proven its resilience during recent periods of turbulence in global capital markets. Sukuk issuance increased from US$ 14.9 billion in 2008 to US$ 23.3 billion in 2009, with Asia showing particular strength. Even so, the Sukuk market is still a niche one, with huge potential for growth. The Sukuk growth rate is currently 10-15% in global financial markets. 



JF3 partners with SBDI - PTT Thailand

JF3-McMatthise.jpgMANILA, May 5, 2004 - The Denso-Hanjin-JF3 Team confirmed a substantial partnership agreement with Thailand's No. 1 Petroleum Company PTT, represented in the Philippines by Subic Bay Distribution Inc.

The Deal was facilitated in mid-April by Team Denso-Hanjin-JF3's Marketing consultants McMatthise. McMatthise, SBDI (PTT Thailand) and JF3 Racing Team have been in serious talks in the past couple of weeks and that a deal looked certain. The JF3 Team will feature 'PTT' branding beginning at the Subic F3 Championship, the precise extent of which is to be discussed further between JF3 and SBDI, but is thought to include substantial spots in the car.

"It is a good boost for the team to welcome SBDI (PTT Thailand) on-board during the start of the season," commented Team Principal and lead Driver Richard Joson. "JF3 is a team with a strong international profile, as reflected in its international line up of off-shore Sponsors namely Denso and Sagawa Express of Japan, Hanjin of Korea, and now PTT of Thailand in addition to its local sponsors MOF Shipping, Allen Isidro Autobody,, Compass Internet. This marks a significant step for us to welcome a major Thailand company such as PTT/SBDI as our Partner."

"We have had an extremely successful 2003 on the racing and commercial front. This new Partnership marks the 8th new commercial agreement we have signed for 2004," he added. "Our testing pace has been promising, and we look forward to successful seasons ahead."

Among those present in the contract signing today are: from left to right, standing McMatthise Managing Directors Cesar Villanueva Jr. and Andrew Boado, Denso-Hanjin-JF3's Richard Joson and Khun Siripong Phoungpaka (SBDI/PTT Phils. President), SBDI/PTT Phils Business Affairs and Administrative Officer Maita Acosta, and A-Quality Advertising Account Manager Che Arellano.







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