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About Us

UnitXchange Management Consultancy and – Universal Trade and Exchanges are services of McMatthiseCapital Management Consultancy Firm (hereinafter “McMatthiseCapital”).  McMathiseCapital is a Trade Finance Facilitator, Capital Raiser, Asset Manager, and an Investor.  It derives revenue from success fees in raising capital, dividends in investments, consultancy fee, and extraordinary sale of projects / companies.

Trade Finance Resource

UnitXchange is your Trade Finance resource.  UnitXchange provides you with Trade Finance facilities such as Letters of Credit, Trust Receipts LC facility, Trust Receipt Collection Facility, Trade Purchase Financing, Pre-Shipment Financing LC facility, Pre-Shipment Financing Non-LC facility, Bills Purchase DP/DA facility, and Trade Receivable Financing facility. 


As to Warranty, UnitXchange provides you with Bank Guarantee (BG) facility, Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC), and Import Bills Avilization facility.



Monetization of Bank Instruments

UnitXchange provides you the services that you need in order to monetize your Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC) and Bank Guarantees (BG).  We link the issuer/provider of the bank instrument with the Monetizer in order for you to provide liquidity for your projects.



Capital Raiser

McMatthiseCapital is a consulting company that started in the year 2000 as McMatthise Consulting Services.  In the year 2020, its founder registered McMatthiseCapital to focus on Capital Raising services for its clientele.


McMatthiseCapital as Investor

AscendPh is into the following businesses, industries, and investments:  Energy/Power, Dredging/Quarry, Oil & Gas, Property & Construction, Technology and Gaming, and Maritime Manning.


The reason why AscendPh is able to help other organizations is that AscendPh is not just an Advisor but also a business practitioner.  AscendPh generates its wealth of experience from operating various businesses.  In this way, AscendPh is always updated in the requirements of the enterprise.  AscendPh is able to create value for other Clients, as it is an operator itself. 



Message from the Founder


To our valued clients, friends, and viewers of this website, welcome to McMatthiseCapital.

McMatthiseCapital is an organization of passionate people. We always try to get the reason why things are they are, and dedicate time to improve situations.

We do not stop in finding ways to grow. We look for ways to reduce cost. We continuously seek for opportunities. We blend science and experience to improve systems. Ultimately, for the things that are beyond our capacities, we are people of Faith, believing that the Almighty has his plans, and that the Almighty is in governance of all things.

We keep to our promise and this is our share.

With you in the spirit of development,

Mr. Andrew S. Boado, MBM

Founder and Managing Director

UnitXchange Management Consultancy – Universal Trade and Exchanges

McMatthiseCapital Management Consulting Firm






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